Mark S. Wedel

Southwest Michigan journalist, photographer, bike rider.




Mark Wedel, freelance journalist since 1992.



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Stories on culture, environment, community, and lots of bike riding:



Above, piece on Upper Peninsula, Marquette area trails, hiking, biking and other outdoorsy stuff in Delta Sky Magazine


Biking Lake Michigan: A Long Distance Adventure


Aliens in the woods: Invasive species pose number one threat to Michigan forests


Slowly but surely BC Vision is bringing about change


The Reality Factory: Where working together helps dreams come true


Diversity in law: What can Grand Rapids do to keep its attorneys of color?


The Japanese Knotweed: Don't try to kill this invader on your own


What I learned from a week biking the trails of the U.P.


Can wasps save the ash tree? Native Americans are giving it a try.


Mr. President: A cocktail lounge for the over-30 crowd.


The Top 10 rides on Southwest Michigan Trails.

Coming Soon


"Raw Power: Casually Obsessive and Obsessively Casual Long-Distance Biking" (tentative title). 



















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